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Description of the Program

This program is designed for the student who intends to major in chemistry but may wish to pursue a career in some other science-related field, including the health sciences, business, and the legal profession. It is often chosen by students who intend to pursue postgraduate studies in medicine, dentistry, or veterinary medicine. The curriculum for this degree consists of a selection of chemistry courses and supporting courses in other areas of physical and biological sciences as well as mathematics. This program is intended to provide the student with a broad background in chemistry and related disciplines.

Career Opportunities

Students who successfully complete this curriculum will possess a broad background in chemistry and related sciences with sufficient depth of knowledge to pursue a wide variety of career options, ranging from employment as chemists in government or industrial laboratories to enrollment in a wide variety of post graduate degree programs, including those offered by professional schools of medicine, dentistry, and law.

Expectations of Transfer Students

To transfer into chemistry without delay, students must already have credit in two semesters of freshman chemistry, two semesters of organic chemistry, one semester of quantitative analysis, one semester of calculus, and two semesters of non-calculus based physics.

Semester Core Curriculum and Hours Required

Areas A-E: 42 Required courses in Area A: ENGL 1101, 1102, and MATH 1113 Preferred courses in Area D: MATH 2200, 2200L; choose two of the following lab science courses: CHEM 1211, 1211L; BIOL 1107-1107L or 1108-1108L (take under general electives if not taken in Area D) Area F: 18 CHEM 1212, 1212L; PHYS 1111-1111L, 1112-1112L Choose two courses from CHEM 2211, 2211L; 2212, 2212L; 2300, 2300L Major Requirements: 24 CHEM 3110; CHEM 3300, 3400, 3511L, 4500 Three other 3-hour upper division chemistry courses Major Electives: 12 Choose one course from the following (not taken in Area F): CHEM 2211, 2211L; 2212, 2212L; 2300, 2300L General Electives: 24 (Refer to College-wide requirements when selecting general electives.) Upper Division (15 hours) Any level (9 hours) Total hours required: 120

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