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Many students take chemistry courses for programs and majors across campus.  UGA offers four first-year Chemistry courses: Chem 1210, Chem 1211, Chem 1311H, and Chem1411.

  • Chem 1210, “Basics of Chemistry” is a preparatory course that teaches content, problem-solving, and success strategies.  It does not have a lab.
  • Chem 1211 is the course taken by most first-year students. It covers the chemical principles involved in stoichiometry, structure, bonding, and reactivity.
  • Chem 1311H is Honors freshman chemistry and requires advance approval of the Honors office.
  • Chem 1411 is an advanced course, for declared chemistry majors only.

Selecting the proper first-year course is a critical decision.  We encourage all incoming students to take the short Chemistry Diagnostic Test, the results of which provide excellent guidance in making this decision.

Additional detail and useful information on these courses can be found here.

Students who have taken AP Chemistry courses and obtained a score of 3 or higher are eligible to bypass some first-year course levels and obtain credit.  Discuss this with your academic advisor directly.

After completing first-year chemistry courses, students often continue their studies by taking organic chemistry courses and ones beyond.

Please check out the FAQ's for answers to common questions about REGISTRATION, TRANSFERS, SUCCESS STRATEGIES, the CHEMISTRY DIAGNOSTIC TEST, and information for PARENTS.  Some students take CHEM 1110 to fulfill a science area requirement.   The “chemistry course listing” provides a description of all chemistry courses.