The Department of Chemistry is strongly committed to the success of it’s undergraduate majors.
We offer a full range of academic course work in chemistry as well as complete career
advisement to the undergraduate major.

Undergraduates who have less than 60 hours are advised via the Franklin College advising
network while those with 60 or greater credit hours are advised in the Department directly.
However, we strongly encourage those with less than 60 credit hours to talk to our undergraduate
advisors directly if they have questions about the coursework or want to become more involved
in the department via Student Affiliates or Undergraduate Research (sophomore year).

Advising occurs twice a year over a two-week period during the Fall and Spring semesters.
During the Fall semester we advise for the upcoming Spring term, and during the Spring we
advise for the following Summer AND Fall terms.

During the advising period students may sign up for advisement with one of the
department’s advisors (see list of advisors). Students are not assigned a specific advisor.
However, it is recommended that you select an advisor for and stay with them through your

Dr. Gary Douberly (Coordinator)
Room:  579
Phone: 706-542-3857

Dr. Robert Phillips (Chair)
Room:  511
Phone: 706-542-1996
Dr. Weslley Allen
Room :  420 Chemistry Annex
Phone: 542-7729
Dr. Richard Morrison
Room:  604
Phone: 706-542-5892
Dr. Wayne Suggs
Room : 502
Phone: 706-542-1987