Current Research

The Smith group studies the chemistry and optical properties of aerosol particles that are important in the atmosphere.  In particular, we develop instrumentation to measure how they scatter and absorb UV-visible sunlight.

We develop and use a variety of tools such as:


* photoacoustic spectroscopy (PAS) to measure absorption by particles


* cavity ringdown (CRD) and broadband cavity-enhanced spectroscopy (BBCES) to measure extinction (scattering + absorption) by particles


*filter collection with offline analysis to learn about how and why ambient aerosols absorb sunlight 

Selected Publications

Phillips, S. M. ; Bellcross, A. D. ; Smith, G. D. Light Absorption by Brown Carbon in the Southeastern United States is pH-dependent. Environmental Science & Technology 2017, 51, 6782 - 6790.
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