Gary Douberly
Wed Feb 23, 2011

As a teenager, Gary Douberly had a knack for taking mechanical things apart and putting them together again. He applied this talent while earning a Ph.D. in chemistry, designing and building instruments to carry out original experiments in laser spectroscopy.

Michael A Duncan
Wed Jan 5, 2011

Michael Duncan, Franklin and Regents’ Professor of Chemistry at the University of Georgia, has been named winner of a top national honor in physical chemistry.

Marcus Lay (Photo by Peter Frey)
Wed Sep 29, 2010

The University of Georgia will share in a $1.5 million grant from the National Science Foundation’s Centers for Chemical Innovation for research that focuses on the question of how to use molecules to replace bulk materials as components in integrated circuits.

Photo of Ron Orlando
Thu Mar 18, 2010

Ron Orlando, Professor of Biochemistry, Molecular Biology, and Chemistry and a member of the Complex Carbohydrate Research Center, won this year's Georgia BioBusiness Academic Entrepreneur of the Year Award.

Photo of Henry F. Schaefer
Mon May 24, 2010

An international conference entitled "Molecular Quantum Mechanics: From Methylene to DNA and Beyond" was held at the University of California-Berkeley May 24-29, 2010 in honor of Professor Fritz Schaefer.

Photo of Jason Locklin (left) and Todd Harrop
Mon Aug 23, 2010

Two of our assistant professors, Todd Harrop and Jason Locklin, have each won the prestigious "Career" Award from the National Science Foundation this year.