The winning team of Mark Cooney, Bob Scott, Griff Doyle and Derek Eberhart.
Tue May 12, 2015

The 2015 Chemistry Golf Scramble took place at the UGA Golf Course on Saturday April 18.  The afternoon golf was followed by a barbecue, sponsored by the Chemistry Department.  The teams of Mark Cooney, Bob Scott, Griff Doyle and Derek Eberhart and that of Eric Mueller, Monica Mueller, Mike Maxey

Fri Apr 24, 2015

 In an effort that reaches back to the 19th-century laboratories of Europe, a discovery by University of Georgia chemistry researchers establishes new research possibilities for silicon chemistry and the semiconductor industry.

Thu Apr 23, 2015

Francisco Sarabia, a graduate student in the UGA Chemistry Department, was named a 2015 National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship recipient in the area of sustainable chemistry.  Francisco is currently a second year student under the direction of Professor Eric Ferreira, where he i

Tue Sep 9, 2014

For the second year in a row, UGA's Graduate School has honored an outstanding doctoral student in the Department of Chemistry with a Beverly Hirsh Frank Graduate Fellowship for Women in Science.

Mon Aug 4, 2014

Michael K. Johnson, Distinguished Research Professor and Co-Director of the Center for Metalloenzymes Studies, has received a National Institutes of Health MERIT award ($3.3M over 10-years).

Mon Jul 21, 2014

Three graduate students in the Department of Chemistry recently earned distinction from the Franklin College of Arts and Sciences at the University of Georgia as recipients of distinguished fellowships.

Thu Jul 17, 2014

Robert J. Gilliard, Jr., a 2014 doctoral graduate in the University of Georgia Franklin College of Arts and Sciences department of chemistry, has been awarded a UNCF/Merck Foundation Postdoctoral Science Research Fellowship.

Fri Apr 11, 2014

Gregory H. Robinson, Foundation Distinguished Professor of Chemistry, has been named the University of Georgia's 2014 recipient of the Southeastern Conference Faculty Achievement Award.

Sat Apr 12, 2014

“For advances in gas phase chemical physics, laser spectroscopy, and molecular quantum mechanics, especially for pioneering contributions to the development and application of helium nanodroplet isolation for the stabilization of transient intermediates in combustion chemistry, and for excell

Wed Apr 9, 2014

Karson Brooks, second year graduate student working under the direction of Professor Jason Locklin, has won the 2014 NSF Graduate Research Fellowship award in the category of "macromolecular, supramolecular, and nanochemistry." Karson was one of only eleven UGA students to win an NSF fellowship t