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Norb Pienta was born in Lackawanna, NY in 1952.  He earned a bachelor’s degree at the University of Rochester (1974), a PhD at the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill (1978) with Paul J Kropp, and conducted postdoctoral work with Edward M. Arnett at the University of Pittsburgh (1978-80) and at Duke University (1980).  He was an Assistant and tenured Associate Professor at the University of Arkansas, Fayetteville (1980-9), where he worked on photochemistry and photophysics of organic reactive intermediates and other problems in physical organic chemistry.  He moved to the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill where was Director of Laboratories and worked on the laboratory curriculum for all undergraduate courses.  Pienta was an Associate and full Professor at the University of Iowa (1999-2012), working on chemical education and directing the general chemistry program.  He has been at UGA since 2012 as the Director of General Chemistry Instruction and Professor of Chemistry, where he conducts chemistry education research and scholarship.

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Research Interests:

My group conducts research and scholarship about the teaching and learning of chemistry.  For student learning, we devise methods, instruments (i.e., means of data collection), and analytics (e.g., patterns, pathways, and strategies).  The general areas and topics include

  • student problem-solving in introductory courses
    • cognitive load (i.e., role of short term memory) in word problems
    • representations of atomic and molecular structures
  • use of eye-tracking hardware and software in student learning
    • development of research methods using eye-tracking hardware: LCD monitor, goggles and Google® Glass
    • student understanding of graphics, figures, and molecular representations
    • student analysis of spectral data
  • laboratory experiences in introductory courses
    • identifying and understanding student skills and activities
    • electronic data collection and experiments to promote guided inquiry
  • multimedia delivery of content, self-assessments (i.e., practice or homework) and assessments (i.e., quizzes and tests)
  • curricular redesign and development
    • design and use of a preparatory chemistry course to increase student success
    • creation of online versions of courses
Selected Publications:

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